Thank you for visiting my website! I mean that very sincerely as this website is the result of countless hours of work, tears and frustration and ultimately utter astonishment that I finally manged to work out how to make it!

Here in the blog pages, I hope to keep a record about my journey into printmaking. I’ll be posting about projects I’m working on and any other related thoughts. Watch this space and, something may grow…. probably very slowly!

  • Exploring New Worlds

    I made this piece early on in the first 2020 lockdown. I love swimming (and snorkling), with the stay at home order in place, this was something I missed a lot .
    As the new, dizzying world of emergency restrictions engulfed us, I found myself suddenly out of work. I felt like I no longer knew the way forward. This combined with my desire to swim and conjured up the image in my mind of swimming in a strange new place. I like the notion that it’s not clear which way is up. Familiarity has disappeared and been replaced by unpredictable oozing shapes.
    The original feeling of bewilderment that inspired the piece has been lost in the image and replaced with sense of intrigue and exploration – which is no bad thing!

  • Printing the explorer

    I’m working on printing the edition of my new print ‘The Explorer’ (working title… but it might stick) at the moment so I thought it would be a good opportunity to show photos and share and insight into the making process.
    What you can see here are all the separate printing plates inked and laid out on the ‘printing map’ – a template I can use to get all the pieces in the right place.
    Laying them out like this means that I can check the colours too, how they play off beside each other in the composition, and if there is an overall balance in tones.
    Dampened paper will be laid over this and the whole lot sent through the press to transfer the image

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